Disney World’s Classic Attraction “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” Is Transferred to Virtual Reality

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Disney World has closed many of its classic rides and attractions in recent years. Such a fate, in particular, befell the popular and themed “20000 Leagues Under the Sea,” but fortunately, the Defunctland project team managed to resurrect them in virtual reality.

Defunctland VR aims to provide viewers with the same experience of classic rides that they would get in a real theme park. At the moment, the team has only two such projects – the already mentioned “20000 Leagues Under the Sea” and Sorcerer’s Hat attraction by the same Disney.

Virtual 20000 Leagues Under the Sea was created from scratch in Unreal Engine and you can watch it on YouTube. If you want full immersion – the build of the project can be downloaded from the network and watched with any suitable VR headset. The video scrupulously reproduces the original attraction with the voiceover of the fictional Captain Nemo. In the video, you can see fish, sharks, squid and even a group of mermaids, all in a 10-minute ride. If you are curious to compare the Defunctland VR creation with the original, we offer you a video of the original ride.