The Folding Bed: Apartment Transformations

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A folding bed, a transformer bed, a built-in bed – all these are not an alternative, but a full-fledged sleeping place with a mattress, pillows, and a blanket. The only difference between such a bed is its invisibility and compactness. Read about the other advantages of our new material

The words “studio apartment” most often evoke an unpleasant feeling of restriction, thoughts of folding sofas, and the difficult choice between a full living room and a bedroom. Folding, built-in, and convertible beds solve the problem. Don’t believe it? Check out our selection.

A transformer bed built into a closet

Just a few years ago, a transformer bed that falls out of the closet seemed like a bold idea or a good fantasy of moviegoers. Today, such items are increasingly seen in the offerings of furniture stores and carpentry stores.

A bed with a lift mechanism

For those who are not looking for easy ways and are proud of their high ceilings, designers came up with the option of a bed with a lifting mechanism. The process itself can be done in any way convenient to the user, and the space under the bed can be filled with mobile pieces of furniture – a light or folding dining table with chairs, sack chairs, or a small desk.

Transformer Closet

The transformer closet in this case can be both a stylized base with bed fasteners and a shelving unit with shelves, or even a closet located on either side of the bed. Of course, the closet itself is bolted to the wall, and at the passing desire of a restless mind to move it will not work. But that’s why it is a transformer because you can install a sofa and a bed in such a cabinet at the same time and get a storage system, a bed, and a soft sofa area at the same time.

Built-in bed

Why sacrifice comfort and sleep on the sofa, even if it is very good, if you can install a built-in bed and get everything at once?

The option with a built-in bed is suitable not only for a studio apartment but also as a solution for a small nursery or guest bedroom, where most of the time the office is located.

The option with built in fold away beds is suitable not only for a studio apartment but also as a solution for a small nursery or a guest bedroom, where most of the time the office is located.

Transformer furniture

The theme of transformable furniture is inexhaustible because today you can modify absolutely everything. Bedside tables turn into coffee tables, sofas into beds, and wall panels into dining tables. With these possibilities, the bed can be built into a shelving unit with a swivel or pull-out mechanism, or even become part of the sleeping area with sliding walls.

Modern furniture can be the result of the latest scientific and technological advances. Transformer beds are a prime example of this. Behind a simple idea that has been in the air for a long time, there is technical know-how.

The transformable bed has the following advantages:

  • significantly saves space in the room;
  • It looks like an ordinary closet and fits harmoniously into the interior;
  • it is easy to rise and descend without any physical effort;
  • completely safe to use;
  • most suitable for smart apartments.

The main advantage of such a bed is not just an ingenious transformation into a closet, but a smooth rise and fall, which even a child can cope with. This is made possible by the creation of a special transformation mechanism with gas elevators. It guarantees safety and comfort during the transformation of the bed into a closet and back.

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Why transformers are the best idea for small apartments

Functionality is at the heart of the idea of creating a closet bed. It is designed with the main goal of using one room for different purposes. Thanks to the ability to move the sleeping space into a vertical position, the room can be simultaneously a bedroom, living room, office, sports hall, dance floor, and even a kitchen.

Beds transformable into closets can be bought not only for permanent use but also as an additional option for guests. It is very convenient to use such furniture in any room where there is enough space for a folding bed.

In a small apartment, you can even have two transformable beds – one for the owners and permanent use, the other for guests. This is relevant for large cities of Ukraine, where the cost per square meter of housing is much higher than in the periphery. In such cases, it is much cheaper and more rational to buy transformer beds than to increase the living space.

The solution in quarantine and remote working conditions

These days, a closet bed is a great solution, not only for small-sized housing. With quarantine, many people have moved to work remotely at home, where they are faced with the lack of a comfortable workspace. A corner in the kitchen or a room with a working TV and scurrying housemates is not suitable for productive work. It is desirable to have a separate office where you can concentrate.

A bed cabinet completely eliminates this problem. The bedroom is easy to turn into a working room, where you can not only do productive work but if necessary, stretch and meditate on the floor. New times present us with tasks that need and can be solved quickly.

Modern wall beds – convenience and practicality in one product

Pros and cons

The advantages of a built-in folding bed:

  1. Saving usable space is the main task of a built-in bed. When assembled, the furniture looks like a closet, and at night it is transformed into a comfortable bed;
  2. Variety of models – the developers of furniture came up with several styles and types of such models. It is easy to find a variant in a vintage classic design or high-tech style. The surface of the product outside is sometimes decorated with mirrors, which visually increase the volume of the room. Such a reception is very good for small rooms;
  3. The functionality of the product – in the base of the bed the supports are special partitions, which are transformed into shelves when the bed is raised;
  4. With a built-in bed, you can change the interior of the room, disassembling and reassembling the bed.

Disadvantages of a built-in folding bed:

  1. High cost – this is due to the installation of expensive lifting mechanisms in the design of furniture. The price of the bed consists of several factors: the material of the product frame, upholstery, mattress, and installed lifting mechanisms;
  2. The need for daily transformation of the bed;
  3. Unreliability of the lifting mechanism in low-quality models. Some owners of such furniture have a fear that the bed can gather at the most inopportune moment – when a person is asleep;
  4. On reclining furniture, unlike stationary, you can not sit down at any time. To rest, you have to disassemble it.

The advantages of in-cabinet beds are a huge space saver.

If before the range of folding beds did not spoil the consumer, and the reliability of construction is not always up to expectations, today the performance of products has virtually no claims.

The structure itself is characterized by simplicity. It consists of only two elements: a closet, which in the assembled position of the bed does not differ in appearance from conventional dressing models, and directly the bed. The latter consists of a frame and a supporting patellar system for the mattress. Also, a part (one of the most important) is a lifting mechanism by which the bed can be easily folded out of the closet, and after use, it is put back. Mattresses are usually ordered separately. They should not be thicker than 25 cm so that the piece of furniture can be easily stowed in the niche designed for it. The width of the cabinet in this case corresponds to the size of the bed (unless additional compartments are installed to organize storage systems). Some models have feet for the bed.

Often the base part of the structure serves as a support. Inside the cabinets is usually mounted illumination (to be able to read at bedtime).

Built-in staircase storage cabinets and under-stairs custom cabinets –

What are the interesting features of built-in designs:

  • they significantly save free space;
  • with these items of interior design is possible to zone room;
  • unfolding the bed is quite simple, the process can easily cope with girls and the younger generation;