Red Dead Redemption 2 Received a Mod that Adds a VR-Mode to the Game

Red Dead Redemption 2 VR Games

In the past, an enthusiast named Luke Ross released a modification that added a full VR mode to Grand Theft Auto. And now he has created a similar project for Red Dead Redemption 2. However, to access it, you need to subscribe to the author’s Patreon.

At the moment the mod is in early access, as Luke Ross continues to improve it. According to the enthusiast, he had to create the project from scratch, because he couldn’t use the achievements of his previous creation for GTA V. Red Dead Redemption 2 with DX12 and Vulcan GUIs is much more modern technically than Grand Theft Auto V with DX11.

To see how the modification works, you can see in the video from the authors of the YouTube channel UploadVR. They recorded the first 27 minutes of Red Dead Redemption 2 in virtual reality. In the video it is immediately noticeable that Luke Ross has redesigned and adapted the interface for VR. Moves the hero in a standard way, rather than jerking, that is, players will have to step on the spot when using the modification and the virtual reality helmet. There seems to be no problem with shooting, too – aiming from first-person view is quite convenient.

Luke Ross mod is compatible with all VR headsets with SteamVR support.