Camera jammer: drivers were offered a new way to avoid penalties
Camera jammers Today, you can see a large number of surveillance cameras everywhere. They are practically everywhere: in banks, stores, offices, and just on the street.
The Folding Bed: Apartment Transformations
A folding bed, a transformer bed, a built-in bed – all these are not an alternative, but a full-fledged sleeping place with a mattress, pillows, and a blanket.
How to Implement Smart Home Features for People with Disabilities
Simple, easy-to-use smart home tools are available today to address the challenges people with disabilities face. In researching these products, there
Interior Design for Smart Home
Automated technology is becoming more and more a part of our daily lives. They have also touched such an important point as room design.
Smart Video Surveillance in the Small and Medium-sized Business Market
Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) may not be characterized by as large revenues as companies in the corporate market, but they are no less important
Smart Home – a Solution for All Generations
Children, teens, and young adults Even young children can use simple electronic devices and screen interfaces. Many of them learn to use them much faster
EnOcean Wireless Standard-
EnOcean Wireless Standard: a Technology for Smart Home with a Promising Future
The EnOcean wireless standard describes a battery-free technology marketed under the Dolphin and Easyfit brands. Read here how the wireless technology
Radio Standard Thread for the Smart Home of the Future
Radio Standard Thread: Indispensable for the Smart Home of the Future
WLAN is the undisputed radio network for Internet communication. For the IoT (Internet of Things), people have been searching for a long time for the perfect
What Exactly Is the Advantages and Disadvantages of an Electronic Lock?
What exactly is the advantage of an electronic lock? Electronic door locks are available in a wide range of variants and price classes. Accordingly, they
Chinese _Smart City_ Technology
Europe May Restrict the Use of Chinese “Smart City” Technology
Chinese smart city technology could be the next object to be banned by the West. British intelligence agencies are pushing for new restrictions on the