The Amazon Ring Has Been Expanded with an Affordable Model

Amazon Ring Affordable Model Smart Home

The company Ring, which develops smart doorbells and is a subsidiary of Amazon, introduced another new product. We are talking about the company’s most affordable doorbell called Ring Video Doorbell Wired, which is priced by the developer at $60.

Visually, the presented novelty resembles the more expensive Video Doorbell Pro model, but it is made in a much more compact body. Despite the low price, the doorbell is equipped with a wide-angle camera supporting 1080p resolution, provides two-way audio communication and supports other features typical of devices of this type.

The main disadvantage of the doorbell can be considered the lack of possibility to use it without connecting to the mains. Previous models of Ring devices can function on battery power, which makes it more convenient to use. In contrast, Video Doorbell Wired will have to be wired to the network, which may not be a very convenient option.

It’s worth noting that Ring devices continue to suffer from a number of issues related to the privacy of user data. Just days after the developers announced the integration of end-to-end encryption support for some of their devices, reports surfaced that the Neighbours app was revealing the exact addresses of Ring doorbell users.