Amazon Ring Affordable ModelSmart Home
The Amazon Ring Has Been Expanded with an Affordable Model
The company Ring, which develops smart doorbells and is a subsidiary of Amazon, introduced another new product. We are talking about the company’
Virtuix Omni One VRVirtual Reality
Virtuix is Developing a Consumer Version of the Omni VR Treadmill
Virtuix is the company that created the Omni VR treadmill, launched a public fundraising campaign late last year to raise the necessary funds to release
Matter AllianceSmart Home
Amazon, Apple and Google Smart Home Devices will be able to Work Together – the Companies Have Joined the Matter Alliance
The world’s leading tech giants, including Amazon, Apple and Google, have announced support for the Matter standard associated with smart home devices.
4th Generation Snapchat Glasses Support ARVirtual Reality
4th Generation Snapchat Glasses Support AR
Snap Inc, the company behind Snapchat, has announced its 4th generation glasses. While previous generations included only first-person cameras, the 4th
EnOcean Wireless Standard-Smart Home
EnOcean Wireless Standard: a Technology for Smart Home with a Promising Future
The EnOcean wireless standard describes a battery-free technology marketed under the Dolphin and Easyfit brands. Read here how the wireless technology
pros-cons-of-an-electronic-lockSmart Home
What Exactly Is the Advantages and Disadvantages of an Electronic Lock?
What exactly is the advantage of an electronic lock? Electronic door locks are available in a wide range of variants and price classes. Accordingly, they
SNAP Bought AR-Startup WAVEOPTICS for More Than $500 Million
Snap Inc has been making moves toward augmented reality technology lately. Not only has the company announced that its next-generation version of glasses
Red Dead Redemption 2 VRVirtual Reality
Red Dead Redemption 2 Received a Mod that Adds a VR-Mode to the Game
In the past, an enthusiast named Luke Ross released a modification that added a full VR mode to Grand Theft Auto. And now he has created a similar project